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The Pucking Wrong Number

One text to the wrong number—mine—and everything changed.

He won’t tell me his last name, and maybe that should throw up a thousand red flags, but when I’m all alone in a new city and struggling to make ends meet, his texts are the lifeline I’ve been desperate for.

I never would have answered that text if I’d known that Lincoln Daniels—superstar hockey player extraordinaire—was the one sending it.

He’s trying to sweep me off my feet now. He says he’s obsessed.

He wants me to wear his number…permanently. But is he still the wrong number, or can this hockey god prove he’s Mr. Right?

The Pucking Wrong Number is a dark hockey romance standalone from USA Today bestselling author C.R. Jane. Lincoln Daniels is a morally grey antihero who is obsessed with his girl and will do anything to keep her.

©2023 C.R. Jane (P)2023 Podium Audio

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Knot So Lucky

Me: Ask me what happens in Vegas…

Samantha: What happens in Vegas?

Me: Let me tell you.

What happens is that you get “make out with strangers and pee in a parking lot” drunk.


Then *allegedly* participate in depraved group activities with him and his friends in the honeymoon suite of a five-star hotel.

But that’s not even the worst part.

Because after an epic walk of shame, you find out he’s some insanely famous bad-boy quarterback who’s in the midst of cleaning up his act.

So now, you have to pretend to like him… sober…until you can skip town with an annulment and a shirt that reads, “I’d hit that.”

Except for bam—tiny hiccup, his personality cancels out his hot AF face.

And let’s not mention how you definitely took a trip to pound town with his friends.

So, yeah. That’s what happens in Vegas.

You get Knot so Lucky even when you think you hit the jackpot.

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The Pucking Wrong Guy

I came to L.A. for my fresh start…and then my past showed up.

I’ve moved on. At least that’s what I’ve told myself all these years after the boy from the streets left me to pursue his dreams.

I have my own dreams now. And they don’t involve a 6’4 tatted hockey star who thinks he’s god.

He tells me I’m the one. That he came back for me all those years ago…

That he’s never going to let me go.

The question is…is Ari Lancaster going to break my heart again? Or has my Mr. Wrong been the right guy all along…


The Pucking Wrong Guy is a hockey romance standalone from USA Today and International Bestselling Author C.R. Jane.

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November 2023

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Love Me Always

I’m no Juliet. He’s no Romeo. But somehow, the future of our families rests on us...


As far as I’m concerned, my heart has one job, and one job only: to stay in my chest and keep me alive. The last thing I’ve ever wanted to do is relinquish it to a man.

But that’s exactly the predicament I’ve found myself in. Asked to give up my heart.

First, by my father, and now, by Lorenzo Ricci — the one man with whom signing a marriage certificate means avoiding all-out war between our families.

The one man I’ve been promised to since birth.

The one man I can’t stand.


I usually let my bullets do the talking, but even a woman as unruly as Anastacia Fedorov requires a gentler touch. And I’m going to need her alive if this union is to extend our fathers’ truce.

But when our fierce friction starts a blaze neither of us saw coming, it suddenly seems this betrothal will be far less of a sacrifice than we ever imagined.

Problem is, in our world “happily ever after” is something you take, not something you’re given.

And whoever’s out to get ours will stop at nothing until we’re both destroyed.


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